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Saturday, 23 March 2013 | 05:38 | 0 comments
SALAM..ai semua pembaca setia blog miss pom pom..kali ni miss pom pom nak celoteh pasal diner Fakulti Sains Sukan Dan Rekreasi pada 22/03/2013 bertempat di Dewan Indera Segara, UITM Jengka,Pahang..firstly miss pom pom nak cakap sorry sebab lambat update pasal dinner ni..sebab nak kene edit gambar-gambar dulu..hihi....kali ni,first time miss pom pom datang dinner as a degree student..best sangat-sangat,and we all enjoy dengan persembahan opening and other..makanan dia perghh,lazat....korunk just scroll down ukey,semua picture miss pom pom akan upaload..tadaaaaaa...........

rakan seperjuangan miss pom pom..
love you all..classmate..

make up by myself,miss pom pom..

kembar baju sama..nur suhaila vs miss pom pom..

love this picture
adeq yeen(my best junior),miss pom pom,miss bee...syg koruk..
my lovely roomate+classmate..kepala gila semua..syg korunk jgk..
miss pom pom,cweety cadbury,farhana rosly..
colour blocking...
adeq junior yang miss pom pom sayang..ketum dan miey ng..
budak comel,wyna dan sir hanifah(tough)
with sir shariman..singer...
miss syazwina vs miss pom pom..
with cweety cadbury..dak comey,mata kecik aka mata kucing. :)
cweety cadbury,kecik,tiqah..
posing with gegulz...
macam muka nerd miss pom pom
miss pom pom in the house

mek-mek qlate..
meriah nyer..aino,mek,dayah,moon,miss pom pom
classmate....syg semuanya...
ukey,banyak kan gambar dinner miss pom pom..sampai sini jew larh miss pom pom blh share..in sha Allah ada masa miss pom pom akan uptade pulak untuk esok,,saranghae.. ^_^
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my name is SITI NOT ATIQAH BINTI HALIM..aka miss pom pom @ eyqapinky..i am 22..studying bachelor of sport science at UITM JENGKA,PAHANG..i am the crazy, retarded girl who enjoys laughing and the pleasures of the world :) :::Revenge? Nah I dont need revenge, I just plan to sit here and watch your life fall apart on its own....:::: *Pain makes me stronger, tears makes me braver, heartbreak makes me wiser, so i thank the past for a better future *Dont live in hatred. Its hurt~ But live to move forward. Make ur life meaningful to urself. A devotion to our creator * i'm just a simple girl. . . nothing special about me. . .

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