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Monday, 3 December 2012 | 06:45 | 0 comments
Salam..hai,semua pembaca blog miss pom pom..macam mana korunk semua hari ni,sht-sht belaka x??entry ni saje jew miss pom pom nak publish sebab macam best jew tengok trend sekarang,menyerlah gitu mak ngah!hahaha..but looks nice,suka dengan combining color dia..kalau sesiapa yg x berani na try fashion ni mesti dia ckp macam ntah papew kan trend ny..siapa yg minat 2 mesti confident jew kan na gaya kan macam jnis style and combining color dia kn??kat bawah ni adew sikit fashion yg miss pom pom jumpa dlm internet..just want to share with u all,so korunk tgk larh k yg mana korunk saje sesuai and berjaya dengan style korunk yang tersendiri ukey..opss.miss pom pom x ingt na bgtw apew 2 color bloking,it just like something that has really caught them attention,cam na tarikan pandangan orang kalau tgk kita tapi bukan nak tunjuk-tunjuk taw..so,tgk lah gmbr kt bawah ni yea...


                         color blocking trend 2 Color Block Fashion: Trend Alert















kepada you all yg baru na mencuba color blocking fashion ni selamat mencuba yea..mesti cantik korunk semua kn,hehe...kejap miss pom pom rase adew 2,3 picture try fashion ni,tapi x brape cantik lah,hehe..sorry...ukey,picture 2 adew kt bawah ni,tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

muka excited na terima konvo..nnti korunk dtg larh yea 5/12 dkt uitm s.alam..

first try color blocking.. ;D
haaaa,ni larh fashion miss pom pom...x taw lah color blocking kew x..tapi rase btl da..hahaha..hope korunk semua happy baca entry ni walaupun x berapa nice...see u soon..


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my name is SITI NOT ATIQAH BINTI HALIM..aka miss pom pom @ eyqapinky..i am 22..studying bachelor of sport science at UITM JENGKA,PAHANG..i am the crazy, retarded girl who enjoys laughing and the pleasures of the world :) :::Revenge? Nah I dont need revenge, I just plan to sit here and watch your life fall apart on its own....:::: *Pain makes me stronger, tears makes me braver, heartbreak makes me wiser, so i thank the past for a better future *Dont live in hatred. Its hurt~ But live to move forward. Make ur life meaningful to urself. A devotion to our creator * i'm just a simple girl. . . nothing special about me. . .

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