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Tuesday, 23 October 2012 | 04:39 | 0 comments
SALAM..ai semua..sorry lame x up-tade blog..jadi student degree mmg busy...mlm ni miss pom pom saje na post gmbr HANA TAJIMA SIMPSON sbb lame sangat x upload picture dia..miss pom pom sgt fanatik dengan dia..suke sangat-sangat,dia punyer style bt miss pom pom like "crazy" about her..so,korunk just scroll down jew larh na tgk latest picture dia...bila xtaw dpt jmpe my lovely icon ny??hurmm..(berangan jew lebeh,gagaga....)

Tuan Empunya Tanah
 photo 1fc6901e-4d22-4a12-aa46-ba32ddb0d7fe_zpsca4ccf1a.jpg
my name is SITI NOT ATIQAH BINTI HALIM..aka miss pom pom @ eyqapinky..i am 22..studying bachelor of sport science at UITM JENGKA,PAHANG..i am the crazy, retarded girl who enjoys laughing and the pleasures of the world :) :::Revenge? Nah I dont need revenge, I just plan to sit here and watch your life fall apart on its own....:::: *Pain makes me stronger, tears makes me braver, heartbreak makes me wiser, so i thank the past for a better future *Dont live in hatred. Its hurt~ But live to move forward. Make ur life meaningful to urself. A devotion to our creator * i'm just a simple girl. . . nothing special about me. . .

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