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Saturday, 11 February 2012 | 18:31 | 0 comments
salam..ai smue..this entry miss pom pom na bagitaw yg this week i'm quick busy but i'm try go uptade my blog k..hari ni,miss pom pom kene set-up dewan untuk dinner faculty mlm esk..so,miss pom pom one of the organizer of that event as sponsorship..hope semua yg 1 batch ngn miss pom pom berganding bahu semua bt kerja ny as our asgmnt coz this event carried 20% from carry mark of event management..so,korunk smue kene lah bt btl2 yea..ukey,ckp sal busy ni hari ni jew miss pom pom kene set-up kan dewan untuk diner,hiasan smue kene set-up sbb kalau boleh sem ni na gempak sikit sbb last sem da kn,huhu..i'm touching,wekp!..esk jugak sir ipin nak suruh present cash bugget,urgh..papew pown belom siap lagi..hope boley postpone kan present 2 sbb x get ready lagi,atoiyaiii..now,back to the diner..actually miss pom pom blur na pakai mcm mane sbb adew 2 pilihan bju..but,i deceide nak pakai ala2 HANA TAJIMA sbb dyer icon miss pom pom..dyer chomey and sweet sgt2..she has natural face which i most like it..but untill now miss pom pom x dpt na cri shawl satin yg ala wrna mcm hana pakai kt ats ni..hari tu miss pom pom jln2 kt tmrloh cri bju and shalw tuk diner,,bju da dpt da dgn jaket skli,2 semua bli dkt boutiqe EZZE.. miss pom pom bli long long dress..na taw kew cmner bju 2??aik,x boley sbb nti x suprise,hehe..yg sdey nyer shawl x dpt lgi..arghhhh..!xpew, cmner pom miss pom pom na kene cri jgk..na taw kew cmner miss pom pom dreee nti dner?just wait and see k, but miss pom pom bgi larh skit blu okey,,bju dyer long dress wrne kelagu nak2 grey..ukey,fullstop..hehe..


haaa,ny larh clu sikit2 tpi bkn mcm ny..vote mak ngah,haha..tpi wrne dyer ala2 mcm ni larh..puas miss pom pom cari long dress cm ni finally got it kt EZZE,hehe,,skung just tggl shawl jew..ari ny kne round bnda cari shawl..haha..ukey,gotta go..na bekfez...papai..SARANGHAE..

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my name is SITI NOT ATIQAH BINTI HALIM..aka miss pom pom @ eyqapinky..i am 22..studying bachelor of sport science at UITM JENGKA,PAHANG..i am the crazy, retarded girl who enjoys laughing and the pleasures of the world :) :::Revenge? Nah I dont need revenge, I just plan to sit here and watch your life fall apart on its own....:::: *Pain makes me stronger, tears makes me braver, heartbreak makes me wiser, so i thank the past for a better future *Dont live in hatred. Its hurt~ But live to move forward. Make ur life meaningful to urself. A devotion to our creator * i'm just a simple girl. . . nothing special about me. . .

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