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HANA TAJIMA,lurve my icon
Tuesday, 10 January 2012 | 21:02 | 0 comments
Hi,see u again..today, this entry miss pompom just want to share with you all about my idol..she is HANA TAJIMA SIMPSON..i love damn her style..

Her name is Hana Tajima-Simpson, I'm 23, with a Japanese father and English mother. She have a pretty mixed background, both her parents are artists, so her grew up in a really creative environment. She didn't study fashion for that long, and although she a self-confessed geek she never really got along with formal education. She didn't want to lose herlove of designing, so she left the fashion course her was on. It's less of a contradiction than it sounds!

She been awful quiet lately, given that her flown back to the UK and am savoring every precious moment she have here before she head Malaysia ways again, she's trying to take a break.  But she do miss posting, so here’s a filler which you may already have previewed on tumblr. The dress has been her lifesaver in Malaysia, an injection of print and colour in an otherwise very basic, basic wardrobe.  This may go some way to explaining why the clothes She's choosing to bring this time around are bright patterned things.
Oh England, how she missed her icy freshness, your changing seasons with your leaves that aren’t ever-greenly.  She missed those sallow faces like creatures unearthed from under rocks. *runs outside*… …*runs inside shivering.. with a cold*. This is her nice picture that i get it, and i love her style.. :)


hehe..this my picture with her..just for fun..gotta go..papai..miss pompom in the house.. :) 
Tuan Empunya Tanah
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my name is SITI NOT ATIQAH BINTI HALIM..aka miss pom pom @ eyqapinky..i am 22..studying bachelor of sport science at UITM JENGKA,PAHANG..i am the crazy, retarded girl who enjoys laughing and the pleasures of the world :) :::Revenge? Nah I dont need revenge, I just plan to sit here and watch your life fall apart on its own....:::: *Pain makes me stronger, tears makes me braver, heartbreak makes me wiser, so i thank the past for a better future *Dont live in hatred. Its hurt~ But live to move forward. Make ur life meaningful to urself. A devotion to our creator * i'm just a simple girl. . . nothing special about me. . .

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